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When the human body is exposed to certain foreign organisms like bacteria and viruses, in attempt to protect itself the body will produce antibodies to fight them. Antibodies are what help the body identify exactly which of these foreign bacteria and viruses are a danger to the body. They not only help to fight of the infection, they stay in the body to help fight future infection which is improved by process of vaccination called active immunity.

As the body ages and adapts to the environments and conditions it’s exposed to it develops a pool of antibodies that help protect the body from the foreign organisms it encounters.

Vaccines or inoculations contain inactivated or extracted forms of the disease, these weakened or inactive harmful bacteria or virus are dealt with by the white blood cells and stimulate the immune system and produce antibodies.

Every single disease, illness and sickness causes a different reaction from the immune system and so specific antigens are produced to combat different viruses and disease. This means different diseases require different vaccines and so it is important to consult with a medical professional if experiencing any problematic symptoms.

Anybody considering travelling to parts of the world that are still considered as developing countries or have poor fresh water and sanitation systems should definitely seek further advice regarding vaccination before their trip. What follows is a comprehensive list of vaccinations we offer. The text in blue gives you even more information about that particular vaccination.

Diphtheria – “Corynebacterium diphtheria” can be a life threatening acute bacterial infection that spreads through respiratory moisture from a cough or sneeze of somebody carrying the virus whether they show symptoms or not.

Cholera – “Bacterium Vibrio Cholera” A potentially fatal bacterial infection spread by contaminated food and water that can cause serve stomach pains, sickness and diarrhoea. Most people who get infected only experience mild symptoms. Cholera is not considered a massive threat to travellers.

Hepatitis A – “Hepatovirus A” Uncommon in the UK linked to poor hygiene in areas with poor regulation of sewage and clean water. Classed as a viral infection that affects the liver that can cause organ debilitating inflammation.

Hepatitis B – “HBV” is a classed as a viral infection that attacks the liver and is usually a result of or can cause conditions as a result of liver failure. Here in the UK Hepatitis B vaccination is not part of the routine schedule but is available to those exposed and infected.


Japanese Bourne Encephalitis “JEV – is a form of encephalitis caused by a flavivirus that can potentially be life threatening. Most cases of JBEV are mile and asymptomatic and most people make a fully recovery.  Japanese Encephalitis is transmitted by infected mosquito bites and so second to vaccination bit avoidance is recommended.

Tetanus – “Clostridium Tetani” also known by its common name Lockjaw can be seriously life threatening infection causing an over-production of toxins that affect the nervous system and cause inflammation of the neck and jaw muscles making breathing painfully difficult.

Tick Bourne Encephalitis – “TBEV” is a rare semi-serious infection that is transmitted by tick carrying the virus. TBE is extremely rare in the UK but is an acknowledged problem in parts of Easter Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. If left untreated, small percentages of hosts can suffer fatal symptoms. People who go on to develop the more serious symptoms show similar clinical signs of meningitis.

Typhoid “Salmonella Typhi” Or Typhoid Fever is a serious bacterial infection that spreads throughout the body. Typhoid infection is caused by the consumption of faecally infected food and water. Without proper precaution and proper treatment the disease can spread to other parts of the body.

Malaria – “Plasmodium” is widespread in many tropical and subtropical countries and is a serious and sometimes fatal disease. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria, but you can protect yourself in three ways.

Measles –“Morbillivirus Measles Virus” is an extremely discomfiting viral disease that can be unpleasant and if left untreated can lead to some serious health complications. Outbreaks and epidemics in the western world are quite uncommon due to the effectively of vaccination.

Meningitis – “Neisseria Meningitides” is a potentially life threatening bacterial infection found worldwide that can cause septicaemia (blood poisoning). Meningitis affects people of all ages but is more common in children in some cases the disease can lead to brain damage, epilepsy amputation and even death.

Polio – “Poliomyelitis” is a virally infectious disease that attacks the nervous that can lead to paralysis, organ failure and even death.  Due to the efficiency of the globally available vaccine, Polio is no considered an under control disease particularly in the UK with no natural contractions since 1984 however, there are continual outbreaks in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Rabies – “Rhabdovirus” is an extremely serious viral infection that targets the bodies nervous system and targets the brain, for those who contract the Rabies virus who are unvaccinated the results can be fatal without prompt and immediate medical treatment. In the UK Rabies is considered an extremely low risk as it the virus is not carried in the animal population (excluding bats.)

Rubella -“Cendehill RUBV” is also known as German measles and is very similar to the standard strain of measles but much less harmful. Rubella is caused by the Togavirus and spread by moisture secretions from infected hosts coughs and sneezes.

Yellow Fever – “Aedes Aegypti (Linnaeus)” is an extremely serious, potentially deadly flu-like disease spread by infected mosquitos most frequently found in areas of Africa and South America. Yellow fever not only attacks the liver and other internal organs and can prove to be fatal if left untreated

Despite recent national shortages of Yellow Fever vaccine we are pleased to say that we have good levels of stock and so get in touch if you’re looking for Yellow Fever vaccine.


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