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Welcome to ANPC Healthcare & Travel Clinic

We've built a long standing relationship based on trust.

We are a nurse-led health clinic based in South Woodford, London. All of our services are carried out by registered, highly experienced nurse practitioners and prescribers.

Here at ANPC, all of our team share the same goal of delivering an excellent all round service specialising in travel heath care, prevention and medicine. We keep stock of the vaccinations that travellers most commonly need when travelling and same day travel vaccinations are available.

We provide individuals of all ages, businesses and other institutions with up-to-date advice and information for their healthcare and travel needs. Although we specialise, we are not limited to travel health; we also provide a professionally operating screening and consultation service suitable to all members of the family. We can also help you in making healthier long-term choices with our smoking cessation sessions or lifestyle advice.


Our Facilities are upheld and maintained to rise above the expected level of hygiene to put your mind at ease concerning clinically caused infections.

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We can provide and assist you in every stage of the process from preventative care and general check-ups.

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